Certificate in Early Childhood Education


Early childhood is the period from conception to age 8, a period that presents a developmental continuum, according to the theoretical framework of developmental psychology and learning theories. The term ‘Care’ has been added in recognition of the fact that young children need care and nurturing. In addition to their health and nutritional needs, their psychosocial and emotional needs also have to be met adequately for their holistic development. The term Education covers learning, a process of acquiring knowledge, skills, habits, attitudes, etc. It also indicates an important focus, to prepare the young child to enter the formal educational stream/system. Thus Early Childhood Education is a Critical Stage in the development of Children hence the Need to have Professionals with relevant skills and competence to handle child care needs. In Response to this need we came up with a program in Early Childhood Education.


Upon successful completion of this program, graduates of Certificate in Early Childhood Education will have acquired knowledge, skills, attitudes and abilities to be able to:

Provide education geared toward development of child’s mental,physical and spiritual growth.

Provide accessible, affordable and quality childhood education to teachers.

Promote the national goals and objectives of Early Childhood Development Education in Rwanda

Application requirements

O level certificate with 5 years teaching experience and another certificate.

A level certificate.

Be interviewed.

National ID (or passport for international applicants)

Completion of medical form.

Character development

Students understand the importance of positive interactions with others as a foundation for living successful lives

Course Duration

This course takes a period of one year.